Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bobblehead Charlotte

We had a fun night dying Easter eggs last night. Due to all the fun we were having, Charli missed her bedtime and was EXHAUSTED! After getting her into her pajamas, I left her in her room to fetch her a bottle. When I arrived back, she was hunched over snuggling with her blanket. (Whenever you hand her blanket to her, she immediately puts it up to her face and her fingers go in her mouth.)

One of my movements aroused her so I thought, 'I should be a good mom and tape this...' So I did.

If you have your volume up a little, you can hear her vigorously sucking the life out of her fingers. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Welcome Baby Henry!

About two weeks ago, early in the morning, like it usually happens, Jimmy came into my room with his baby wrapped up in his favorite blanket. After I held the new baby and rocked it for a little bit, he took his baby back and left. I didn't think anything of it until I got out of the shower and discovered that he didn't have just one baby, he had five babies. All nameless, but because it was Elmo I held first, I will assume this is their birth order.
 Unfortunately for daddy Jim, four of his babies didn't make it past a week. Due to a  coloring mishap with a permanent marker, and a destruction of Legos with a bowling pin, all toys were grounded from the house for a while... This included all but one stuff animal each. It was at that point Jimmy chose to save one of his babies. 
Over the last four days, I have been on serious baby duty. As a grandma, I insisted that he give his baby a name so we know who he's talking about. After giving him some options, he agreed that Henry was a good name for his baby. It's unreal how real he treats him too. To demonstrate, I started "following" Henry around with the camera last night. 
 Here we have Aunt Charli kickin' it in the swing while Jimmy watches close so "your baby doesn't hurt my baby." Henry was even allow to stay up past bedtime (probably because Jimmy makes him take far too many naps) and watch tv with his daddy.

This morning Jimmy insisted that Henry get a bowl of cereal too. (Because sharing your own would be horrible!) Meanwhile Uncle Hunter is over there saying, "He's not even real! He's a stuff animal! He's not going to eat it!" Jimmy was quick to retort, "He IS real!!"
After breakfast, Henry took a nap in the swing. When he woke up, Hunter became the bus driver (on the couch) and took Jimmy to drop Henry off at childcare so the two of them could play. How responsible!
Why the sad look? Because Henry wasn't buckled in. 
No worries, I'll fix that....
When we arrived home from dropping Hunter off at preschool, we both put our babies down for a nap. "Your baby is NOT allowed to play with my baby."
 In the late afternoon, Aunt Charli was stuck on babysitting duty.
 I can't tell you how much he hate when Charli watches Henry. (On a side note, she's better than Grandpa Perry who dropped him the other night. I'm pretty sure Jimmy was on the verge of tears. Good thing Grandmas know what to do!)
 Not to judge though...Uncle Hunter had zoomed Henry around in the dump truck. I think Aunt Charli is a little gentler. 
 Like a good dad, he spent time playing with Henry too. Instead of passing him off to various babysitters.
 I think Henry really enjoyed his time in the sun today!
 He took a break during dinner and played with Whiskers the stuffed cat.
After a long, hard day, the two of them snuggled up for bed. 

I was going to post of picture of me with Henry, since I am handed him to hold an uncountable amount of times during the day, but I don't do well with selfies... Did I mention that Henry is wearing a diaper and went to the quilt store with us? Occasionally Henry is referred to as Uncle ByBy, which Perry and I think is suspiciously close sounding to Uncle Bobby. Turns out Popeye (the Sailor Man) has a nephew who calls him Uncle Popeye, which in the show sounds just like Uncle ByBy. (You're off the hook Robin) So confusing! And guess who is on baby duty while Jimmy is at preschool tomorrow? Grandma Sadie. #lifeofyoungparents

Since we're talking about a stuff animal, I will leave you with this stuffed animal holding a snoozing Charli. 
Aahhhh! How cute!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sign Our Guest Wall

Having a round house to grow up in wasn't the only cool thing about my childhood home. We also had a guest wall. This hallway is located in the basement and is COVERED in signatures dating all the way back to when it was built, correct me if I'm wrong, in 1985. Each time someone new would visit, we were sure to get out the markers and have them sign their name, from kids to adults. I took the kiddos up to the round house at the end of spring break and the main event was signing the wall. 
 Since he's the oldest, Hunter went first. 
 Leave it to Hunter to pick the lightest color in the package so mom can hardly get it on film...
 I was more surprised that JP didn't pick green. ? 
 Nanny also let them draw a picture next to their names as well. 
 In doing so, JP added his name again, and Hunter added his two more times. 
 I was able to find my name on the wall a couple times. Okay maybe 6 or 7 times... But can you blame a child when they have a guest wall in their home? When my friend Kelsey and I would get bored, we would play I Spy with names on the wall. That would keep us entertained for quite sometime!
 Before we left, Charlotte made her mark on the wall too. 
 Multiple times. Do you know how hard it is to get a decent hand print? I washed it off a lot before we finally had two good ones. 
 (Don't mind me...I just woke up a few hours before....)
 My mom was able to get the right hand, and I kept the left hand after I touched it up a bit. 
 I can't believe this girl is going to be a year old in just over a month! Eeek!

Bathroom Update #5: Decorating

I'm not done decorating our newly remodeled bathroom yet, but I figured I could probably do an update while I figure out what else I'm going to do. 
I've been at war with myself as to what exactly I want to do with the counter. There isn't much room to decorate, so there isn't much I can do. I bought this candle holder the other day at Michael's and am currently using it as our toothbrush holder.
I found the silver tray and sugar bowl on Etsy and debated, a lot, about whether or not I wanted them or not. I finally ended up just buying them. After using a little metal polish, I love how the sugar bowl turned out! I plan on storing little things in it, such as watches and rings, or maybe cotton balls?
I was also torn as to what color I wanted to bring into the bathroom. Because the primary color is grey, it needed a little pop of something. Our towels and garbage are purple, but I wasn't convinced. 
 I found these bathroom prints on Etsy as well and I fell in love. Even though I loved them, I spent another  two weeks looking for other pictures, but I kept coming back to these ones. 
 I won't tell you how long, and how frustrating it was for me to hang these all by myself, with out help from the perfectionist picture hanger Perry. He was impressed with my skills.
 I love the prints even more once I put this flower arrangement together. I was able to find some hydrangeas in the right color to match them to the ones in the picture. There was also some purpley-blue flowers there that make my purple towels and garbage can not so out of place. Hooray!

I'm thinking one of these weekends, I'm going to have Perry help me build a small shelf for over the toilet, and maybe a couple triangular corner shelves for the counter area. Time will tell. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monkey Shiner Babblings

M - Hunter I'm going to the bathroom. Keep your eye on Charli.
M - Hunter, where is your sister?
H - Well she was playing with the antenna so I moved her. And then she was playing with the tv stuff and wouldn't stop so I moved her to her room for a time-out.

J - Mom! Hunter threw dirt in my face!
M - OH bummer! Well it's time to take him to school so let's do that and get rid of him for a couple hours. How about that?
J - No. I think we should just put him in the garage sale and get rid of him.

On our way to the round house, we stopped at my friend's house in Great Falls. Her daughter Rylee is the cutest little thing!
R - Look at this!
M - OH MY GOSH! (said with jaw dropped)
R - You have cavities like my mom.
M - Hahaha! Thanks!

We've had a few silly things said first thing in the morning. At Nanny's house, JP sat up in the bed he was sharing with Hunter and said in the softest up-to-something voice, "Yooou Whooo, Huuuunterrrr. We're going to have a long day todayyyy. You better wake up!"

While at Nanny's we watched the movie Frozen. The morning after we arrived home from the round house, Hunter woke up and I heard him knock on JP's door, "Do you want to build a snowman?" Mind you, there hasn't been any snow here for weeks... Hahaha!

H - Mom, where's all the chocolate that was on the stove this morning?
M - Why do you need to know?
H - Well, you see, I was down in my fort looking for the chocolate that was in there but it's gone so I need to get some more.
M - Why was there chocolate in your fort?
H - Uhh...

D - Hunter, have you thought about what you want to eat for a little snack? We could have chili, tuna melts, noodle soup...
H - Well...when I was outside, I was thinking and then God told me to stop thinking. So I did.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Fun at Mismo Gymnastics

About two weeks ago (because I'm so behind at blogging lately) JP's preschool class took a field trip to Mismo Gymnastics. Hunter's class went the previous the week, and just before that, JP attended a birthday party there for one of his classmates. By the time it was JP's turn to go for school, both boys were super excited because Hunter was able to join in as well. 
To begin, they did a few warm up stretching exercises and then they broke up into two different groups. 
 JP's group was first up on the bars where they had fun swinging and flipping over them.
 Although I believe JP was doing this obstacle incorrect, he had mastered the art of walking on bars. 
 Meanwhile, Hunter's group was practicing their balance walking across the balance beam. Hunter showed no fear when it was his turn to go across - he didn't even wait for someone to walk with him. He told me that when his class went to Mismo, he was afraid to walk across it alone, but not this time! 
 Hunter's group also practiced cartwheels, backward somersaults, as well as walking on their hands after hopscotch.
 Charlotte just hung out in the middle of the floor in her pajamas eating my lens cover.
 Eventually they switched sides of the gym so Hunter was able to hang out on the bars for a while.
 JP and his group were a little more skittish than Hunter's group was on the balance beam. 
 And they weren't understanding how to walk on their hands so they instead just stood on their hands like this for a while.
To end their time at Mismo, they had a little bit of free play in the foam pit, which of course was a huge hit!