Monday, June 29, 2015

My Little Girl is TWO!

Charlotte's birthday has come and gone, nearly two months ago. (Seriously. I'm so behind!) This year her birthday was in the middle of the week and the weekend before it, we were busy, and the weekend after everyone else was busy so we weren't planning on doing anything other than cake and presents with just us. Somehow plans changed for everyone so I was left with about 9 hours to make and decorate a cake for her party.

After having dinner with Grandma Betty to celebrate Perry's 30th birthday, we went to our house to celebrate Charlotte's birthday with Nanny and Papa and Aunt Kim. Nothing too crazy but I know Charli had fun opening her presents.
 I've never done ruffles on a cake before and since I didn't have any other ideas for her cake that would be *easy* I figured I may as well try them out. The top ones ended up looking better than the bottom ones...Trial and error at it's best.
 The boys really wanted to wear her "pretties" so Hunter stole her headband and JP put on her pearls. They were so happy with themselves...
 This year Charlotte was a lot neater about eating her cake :) Hardly made a mess at all! Such a sweetie pie!
 For her birthday, Perry and I gave her some food for the kitchen that Santa brought her and then I splurged on a Cabbage Patch doll for her named Adrianna Piper. Charlotte adores her and and takes Baby Ana everywhere with her!
Before bedtime Charlotte stole a few snuggles from Nanny with Baby Ana at herside. Happy birthday Miss Charli!

Our Baseball-Playin', Golf Club Swingin' Kid, Hunter

I feel like I've been missing out on my own life because my blogging has been so sparse the last few months. In May I sat down to blog on my computer and as soon as I pushed the power button my laptop started smoking. Due to that little ordeal, the screen was shot. I can still use that laptop, but I have to hook it up to the TV to see anything. That alone is pain. Then with Perry being gone here and there in May and June, sitting down to figure out what kind of computer to get was the last thing we wanted to do. But we finally got it done, and I finally received it in the mail after waiting and waiting...

So here I go again playing catch up. Hopefully this will the last time for a while! *fingers crossed*

 As I mentioned in a previous post, I missed out on Hunter's first baseball game, ever. I was in Vegas with some friends and I was so sad to miss it but Nanny was there!
 We clearly didn't get the memo that everyone wears grey pants. We bought Hunter black pants so should he get stains, they wouldn't show. Now his black pants make him easy to pick out in a line up and out on the field. Which one is your kid? The only one wearing black pants...
 or that one picking the dandelions in the outfield... hahaha.
This happened at his first game too because I wasn't there. Apparently only mom's think about the weather.
 Throughout the season Hunter progressively got a little better at keeping focus, but those first few games were a challenge to watch. He'd get to his base and then proceed to dust it off... We even caught him doing somersaults and handstands in the in field during one of the games...
I'll tell you what though, he sure can hit the ball! A lot of people were impressed with his hitting skills, especially since this is his first season. We signed him up for t-ball but he was placed in rookie ball. Somehow his age was messed up in the paperwork and had his as a 7 year old, which is too old for t-ball. 
My favorite part of each game was watching them line up to say their baseball creed. So adorable!
 There was game in mid-May that Nanny and Papa were able to come to and Hunter played great! It also helped that Perry volunteer to help out on the field since they were short a coach for that game. 
 Little boys in the dugout <3 p="">
 I loved watching Perry and Hunter during this game. I was hoping Perry would help out more with Hunter's team, but it was hard enough for him to get off work early enough to just get to the games. 
 They were so cute together in the outfield! Go figure that the one time Perry is out there with him, Hunter gets two balls hit in his direction!
At the beginning of the season, they played each game a little differently. The first one was played everyone gets to hit and everyone gets to bat and everyone gets to run the bases. Then as the season progressed, they modified the rules to make them more like real baseball. By the last game they were playing three outs, with 5 strikes making an out. 
JP and Charli kept each other busy for the most of the season playing together and rolling down hills. It's obvious they love each other so much!
And Papa was delighted to get a little snuggle time with this cutie pie during the game he was at.

Hunter had his last games during the first week of June. Then school was out the following week. After he came home from his last day as a kindergartner, we headed to Spokane for Aunt Bobby's graduation from OT school. During the weekend, Uncle Chris let Hunter and JP use some old golf clubs to hit some balls in their backyard. In passing I mention to Kim that I was wanting to send him to golf camp and who would have guessed, the course she works at was putting on a free one starting that next week.  I was able call and get him in, even though it was after the deadline. Pays to know people!

 Day one Hunter shows up to golf camp in his baseball gear. Typical Hunter. He had a little conversation during their warm-up with Coach Justyn. 
CJ- Hey Hunter, let me guess, you play baseball?
H- Yeah but not all time. I think after this I'm going to play football. But you have to be careful otherwise you might break your brain. 
His coach wandered off laughing at that comment. OH Hunter.
 I was really impressed with Hunter's golf skills. I knew he was pretty good, but we've never taken him out to a course to practice, because with 3 kids, that can be a challenge. I was so thankful Aunt Bobby was in town and her and I alternated days taking him to camp while the other stayed home with JP and Charlotte. 
 Hunter really takes golf seriously too. During chipping practice, he would lay down on the ground to see the view from his ball to the hole. I don't know where he picked that up from...
 Since he didn't have his own clubs, the course let him borrow some. It was ridiculously cute to watch him haul his clubs around! 
 By mid-week, he wasn't completely focused and doing what everyone else was. I think the rest of the group was warming up by jumping over golf clubs. Hunter opted for push-ups. 
 Throughout the week, the kids were given "awards" based on how they did at certain activities. Hunter got his first one on Wednesday for having the longest drive. He thought he got the award, which was just a ball marker, because he called Coach Justyn, Coach Brian, who was his baseball coach. Good thing Aunt Bobby was there to confirm the award. On Thursday, he received another during the putting contest. Though he didn't win, he was in the top 5. There was between 15-20 kids in his group too, ranging from 6 years old to 8 years old.
Since Perry was gone all week traveling for work, when he arrive home Thursday afternoon, we took the kids golfing at the University Golf Course so Hunter could show off his skills. 
 JP is still working on his.
 Hunter did pretty good overall. He just needs to work waiting for the others behind him to golf first. 
 The boys were delighted to see a deer on the course too!
Every time we let the boys tee off, they'd take about 5 minutes to get their tees and balls in place. They were so much fun to watch. I was impressed with how well Hunter stayed on task at the golf camp. I was really nervous that he'd be "that kid" swinging his clubs around an such, but he did amazing! So proud of my little man! This past weekend Nanny and Papa kept him while the rest of the family went to my friend's wedding and while he was with them, they took him to buy clubs and then took him out golfing. I think it's safe to say he's obsessed. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Playing Catch Up Again...

I realize I haven't blogged in over a month. It's been in the back of my mind for a while but I just keep putting it off. This spring we've been busy!

First thing - An update on Perry's finger! It's healing up nicely, thankfully! When it's all said and done, it's going to be a little misshaped, and we're not sure if there will be a nail or not. He went back in a few more times for follow ups with his doctor. At one point they were thinking about doing a skin graph, but decided against it. Once most of the scab came off, he was able to start bending it again. He still can't completely use it as it's still pretty tender, but it's made a lot of progress in the last 8 weeks. Charlotte loves to look and make faces at it...
Just after spring break, Hunter started baseball. I've posted a few videos on Facebook but I'll expand on baseball later. For the most part, the weather has been great for his games! I was VERY disappointed I missed his first games and opening ceremonies. I'm sure he was missing me too! Nanny was there to watch for me though. She came to town to watch the kids while I was in Las Vegas for the weekend for a bachelorette party.
I left on a Friday morning for the party and came back on Monday morning. The previous Sunday at work I started feeling nauseous at the end of my shift. By the early hours of the morning, I was throwing up in the toilet. I felt a little sick still on Monday (but still managed to get my hair colored!) but was feeling like myself again on Tuesday, other than a scratchy throat. My throat bothered me all week...and then I left for Vegas. The first night we went to a country bar - turns out trying to talk over music is horrible with a sore throat. I woke up the next morning with no voice. I was just a little squeak box for the rest of the trip. 

 On Saturday night we dressed up for a night on the town and rode on the High Roller Wheel. It just opened this past fall and has a great view from the top! I'll tell you what though, this ride didn't really help my fear of heights - not to mention, it doesn't stop when getting on or off... I took a running jump in my heels to get off of it!
This is the High Roller Wheel - kind of like a big Ferris wheel that you can walk around in - ours even had an open bar! This was my first time in Vegas so I didn't really know what to was pretty disappointing that it wasn't just a little bit warmer. I won't even mention the wind...

I was wanting to take Perry to Vegas for his 30th birthday but since I was going to Vegas two weeks before his birthday, I just couldn't justify another trip. Neither could our pocketbook... Instead I took him downtown for night of fun and letting loose. He's hasn't been able to just go have fun for a while. His night ended with Kim and I attempting to carry him inside by his hands and feet...
And I got my hair done before I left for Vegas! I haven't had color in it for literally years. When I brought it up to Perry that I wanted to put color, like actual color - pink or blue or purple, I wasn't working and figured now would be the best time to "get wild" with it. For my birthday in February he told me I could schedule a hair appointment to do whatever I wanted to do to it, and he'd come home from work to watch the kids. Three months later I finally took him up on that offer. Since I am working now, I did something a little less crazy and went for the ombre look. In my head it was more drastically blonde on the tips. But this picture makes it look more obvious that how it turned out. I can hardly notice a difference...

I think that's all the catching up I can do for now...I still have Charlotte's birthday and baseball to blog about in the next few days!

Our Completed Lego Table!

We finished it! Hooooray! I probably could have painted it a month ago but I just wasn't motivated to do it. Originally I wasn't even going to paint the table, but then I really looked at it... I love love love how it turned out, so much so that I don't even want to use it as a Lego table anymore. I think I've got a great space in my entry for it...but maybe when the kids are done with it a few years down the road...
Here's the sewing table I found on Craigslist a couple months ago. It's been sitting in the garage collecting stuff ever since "the incident."
  I don't recall the top of the table looking so shabby previously, but I also hadn't looked at it for a while...maybe it became this way from all the stuff it collected? Either way, I decided it needed a good painting. At the Vintage Fair I went to with my mom and sister Kim, we saw a couple where they painted it two different colors. I loved them. 
 Perry finally regained his confidence working with his power tools again so last weekend he got back to work on the box for the Legos. It's not pretty. At all. And he knows it. I sanded it down a bit to get rid of a few jags, but even though I ended up painting the box too, I'm thinking I might meet up with my good "friend" JoAnn to see if I can't find some fabric I like to cover it...
While I got to work on painting the table and the box, JP was busy playing with the remote control cars Grandma found at the Whitefish house. He literaurlly played with them for hours trying to figure out how to keep the batteries in them. We might have went through a whole roll of scotch tape...
It took an entire week, we but I finally got everything done! I think it turned out great! I found the leftover paint from when I painted Hunter's room with cars and decided to go ahead and paint it grey - since I've been loving grey lately. 
I was going to leave these stools black, but then I had an idea to paint them to match the table. I tried them two different ways and ended up painting both with black tops and grey legs. 
 I love how it turned out! I'm excited for the boys to be able to use it! The only thing that I don't like is taking the Lego box out. Perry made it fit a little too tightly, so at some point I'll make him shave it down a little. But for now, it works!
One of my projects over the next few weeks is to finish up this quilt I sewed together in a matter of a couple weeks. It was supposed to take longer...Now I have a reason to finish it up - to use my new table!