Monday, February 23, 2015

Monkey Shiner Babblings

M - Oh! Charli! You stink! Did you go poo poo?
C - NO!
M - I'm pretty sure you did. You're really stinky!
C - *holding her baby* Baby poop
M - No, Charli poop!

M- I really like those new pants on you.
J- I DONT! The only thing I like about that I can hide SUCKERS in them!
M- You probably shouldn't tell mom that...
J- Well... They have big pockets!

Hunter walks into the bathroom, unannounced, and finds mom leaning over the sink looking in the mirror.
H - Hey mom, why are you popping your nipples?
M - My what?!
H - Your nipples. 
M - I'm not. Do you you even know what a nipple is?
H - It's on your body...
M - Yeah, lift up your shirt and I'll show you.
H - Oh yeah! These are them! 
M - So yeah, I wasn't popping my nipples....I was popping my zits. Big difference bud. The last thing I need is for you to go to school and tell your teacher I was popping my nipples...

A few things about Charlotte that need to be mentioned...
-When she's done eating, she'll yell "I'm DONE!!!" at the top of her lungs. It usually comes out of no where, but it actually sounds like she's yelling "I'm DUMB!" which of course makes her brothers die of laughter. Every time.
-Since we cloth diaper, I dump her poo into the toilet (your supposed to with disposables too...) and this whole process is so exciting for her. We walk her poo to the toilet, dump it in, and as she flushes it down, she says, "Bye poop!" really excitedly. And then she's over it. Perry left for Spokane the other week and I said, "Say 'bye' to daddy" and she did. She said 'bye' and as soon as the door shut a few seconds later she said "poop". Later that week she flat out said "bye poop" to Nanny. Oops. 
-It's adorable how many times during the day she mixes up her brothers...

An Outting to Art on Tap

For those who know me, I'm a pretty crafty person. I love making stuff! Although I enjoyed my time in shop class while in high school, I'm still kicking myself for not taking an art class... It was the one class I was so excited to take when I was in elementary and junior high, and then never did when I reached high school. The other month, a good friend of mine invited me to join her at Art on Tap. I had never heard of it before, but it sounded fun so I was all in. After checking out their website, I discovered it's  a weekly event (you have to RSVP prior) that takes place at one of the wineries or distilleries around town where an instructor teaches you how to paint the featured picture. Mini-art class? Heck yes! And it was so much fun!
When Miss Megan and the rest of her posse arrived at the Montgomery Distillery, the five of us staked out our easels, and headed to the bar to claim our free drink (it's included in the class and who can say no to a free drink?!) Mine was delicious - had vodka, honey, a few other things and a rosemary twig for garnish. 
 I would guess there was enough easels for about 40 people, but I would guess that maybe 25 people were there. We, obviously, started with the background, and she demonstrated how to bend the colors. I stuck with the same colors the instructor was using. A lady behind me added purple streaks to hers, which I loved and wish I would have thought of that too. Next time!
Then we had a short break so the backgrounds could dry. During the intermission, we added more paint to our trays and mingled for a bit. There was a poker game going on at the distillery as well so it was a little louder than I had expected it to be, but it was enjoyable none-the-less. After our break we dove into painting the flowers after she demonstrated the shapes and how to shade. I clearly missed something with the shading. The featured painting had orange flowers with yellow highlights, so maybe my problem was the different color flowers. I tried to add some red highlights, but then I ended up with a pink color, when I still wanted it to be purple... It all came together once we added the stems. 
It was fun to walk around and see everyone else's paintings. All the same, but all different at the same time. 
These are two of the many pictures the instructor had on display. My favorite ones by far! The wheat in the corner along with the wheat fields remind me of home. I don't know what it is about the trees, but I love that one as well. Maybe sometime I can recreate the wheat one...
As soon as I arrived home from Art on Tap, Perry helped me hang my flowers at the end of the hall. I had taken down a picture Kimberli drew for me and moved it to my gallery wall (which is missing one thing, and then I'll show you that!) and since then this spot has been bare. We didn't notice it around the holidays because this is where we hang a couple stockings, but as soon as the decorations came down, the blankness started to bother Perry. Problem solved thanks to an enjoyable afternoon! I'm definitely going back soon!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Superhero!

I'm pretty sure JP thought his birthday party would never get here! He has been waiting and waiting since Hunter's November. But the last few weeks it hit him hard. "How many more days?!" It's a good thing I had it at the hotel again (and that they're super flexible!) because I had to change the date around a few times since Perry had a last minute trip to Spokane. His birthday was actually on Tuesday, but with Perry being gone, we changed it to Wednesday so he could be around for part of it. 

On his birthday, I let him order what ever he wanted for breakfast, which was an egg on toast with sprinkles. Aunt Kim and Nanny came over later that morning and stole him and Charli away so I could decorate the cake. (Cooking dinner with Charlotte around is hard enough!) He went bowling and almost got a strike, played on the train at the mall and went birthday shopping with Nanny and picked out his present. By the time they got back, the cake was almost done. It really only took a few hours... For dinner he requested Mac 'n Cheese, and after I had the water boiling for it, I realized we were out. I instead formulated a plan that was better than just Mac 'n Cheese. We went through the drive thru at Wendy's and came back and ate it in a fort we built in his room. And then Hunter and him got to sleep in it. 
I thought he was going to pick a Ninja Turtle cake again, but I was wrong, JP wanted a superhero cake this year. I was so excited about that decision because I had been wanting to make a hero cake for one of my kids! (In JP's head, Ninja Turtles *are* superheros so Leonardo made an appearance too!) You can see more cake pictures on my cake blog.
 Wednesday finally arrived and he was SO anxious to get to the pool to swim with his friends. He had so much fun with all of them! I could tell everyone had fun - even the moms :)
 JP even went down the slides a few times with Aunt Kim, and once with me. Contrary to his belief, he ended up liking it! 
 Charli got in the pool too! She was really scared of the kiddy pool because of the mushroom waterfall being really loud, but she eventually got in and sat in the big pool. Hunter spent most of his time in the hot tub...
 Just having a green table cloth and green plates, literally, made his day! I'm pretty sure all his friends are aware of his green obsession...
 Despite what the picture shows, he was super excited, internally though. He's like me in social settings and definitely and introvert!
 After singing "Happy Birthday" he attempted to blow out his candles from way back in his chair. He really struggled to get the last two, so I hoisted him up after a few more failed attempts. 
He also wanted nothing to do with cake because he was just itching to open all of his presents. He was so excited! 

JP slept like a rock last night. Hunter did too...kind of. He came upstairs about an hour after bedtime and walked down the hall like a zombie. He climbed up on my lap and snuggled in like a cat. Perry and I tried and tried to asked him what was wrong and before we knew it he was out. At one point he was hanging mostly off the couch, with his face on my tummy, and his hand smack in the middle of my face. We're both sure he was sleep-walking, especially since he doesn't remember any of it!

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Lazy Saturday

I don't understand my children one bit. On the weekdays they are a *pain* to get out of bed . I usually get Hunter up and going around 7:15 and JP usually wakes up on his own in all the commotion but is super grumpy about it, or he'll wake up when Charlotte does since her room is right above his. I've recently wrangled Perry into helping me a little with Hunter in the mornings because I am *so tired of fighting* with him. Put your toys away and get dressed child! Then the weekend rolls around... Perry and I are super excited to sleep and what's that I hear? Whispering on stairs? Foot steps in the hall? Charlotte giggling? You're kidding me. It's 6:30 in the morning, on a SLEEP IN day! Whatever. Let them play... But seriously, nothing is more annoying than saying, "Stay in your room and be quiet when you wake up," and finding them bouncing off the wall in their sister's room... Or letting her out of her room... 

This Saturday started out similar, expect it was just Hunter bouncing off the walls in Charlotte's room. JP crawled into bed with me in the middle of the night after getting sick in his bed. Clearly I didn't process that. Because only minutes from me getting out of bed after Perry, I rolled over and asked JP how he felt. He just said his body felt icky. And then he erupted on me. Not once, not twice, but three times. Needless to say, our Saturday was already off to a grumpy start... I hate laundry.
 After breakfast Perry decided to surprise the boys by getting his Legos down from the attic. JP had been building with Legos a few days before and became very frustrated with his structure because his platform was bent. Perry agreed to get them some new flat board to build off of, but didn't say when. As soon as the kids were dressed, he brought them in and their excitement could not be contained!
 He has a lot of random pieces in his Lego collection. Just like our boys', his Lego collection was created by mixing sets of Legos together. He has pieces from ships to castles, to trees to spaceships, and the usual police cars and race cars. (And a few miscellaneous things like marbles, rocks, screws, and puzzle pieces.)
 Of course you can only keep Charlotte off the table for so long. She loves digging around in the boys' Legos. And nothing makes them more upset. There was a lot of "CHAW-LEE"s being shouted. 
 She thinks she's just soooo funny! Stepping on Legos like it doesn't actually hurt...pssh.
 Perry had a lot of Medival guys in his collection so Hunter and I set them up in our ships. The guys below are playing racquetball, while the guys up top are actually fighting. 
 Some of my guys ran out of weapons to hold so they fought with oars, and a stop sign. 
 JP was content building rockets. They were entertained for HOURS. 
 By the time dinner rolled around, I was feeling very unmotivated to cook. I've been overly tired the past few weeks where it's a struggle to get through the day without a power nap. When Perry suggested roasting hot dogs over a campfire, JP ran to the door yelling, "This is going to be the best dinner EVER!!" 
 Charlotte was very cautious of the fire, saying "hot" every time she looked at it. Literally, every time. 
It was a little chilly out but perfect none the less for our first cook-out in 2015. After dinner we all sat down and pulled out the directions from 1996 (he's a Dustin...) and Perry and Hunter worked on building a massive pirate ship, while JP and worked on making a yacht. Because there was actually two tubs of Legos, and we only had one of them, both groups were missing key pieces so we all quit and got ready for bed. Our bed was still drying after I shampooed it from the mornings "incident" so Perry and I opted to camp-out in the living room. Worst night of sleep ever. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Charlotte Had Her First Haircut!

I'm feeling a little sad today, but I did it to myself. I finally broke down and had Charlotte get her first haircut. Other moms I talked to about hair said their daughter/s did get their hair cut until they were 3 or 4 years old. I would LOVE for Charlotte to have long pretty hair, but I can't imagine waiting that long to cut her hair. So I caved a little...I see pictures of cousin Casey with his haircut and he looks like a big kid now, so I figured it was time for Charlotte to get hers trimmed too. What I didn't realize was that a haircut came with some *major* attitude. I didn't know I was paying for that too...Can I get a refund?!
 She looks like this on an almost daily basis, when she doesn't let me pull her hair back. (It's adorbs when it's in a pony tail!) She woke up this morning and looked like she had been hit by a bus. That confirmed it - she need some work done on her bangs. 
 A good friend of mine has a sister who works as a hair dresser so I took Charlotte to her. I thought Charlotte would be okay sitting in the booster seat, but she was not having it. So I forgo-ed my first haircut pictures, caped up, and sat her on my lap. She did pretty good. She was *very* interested in what was going on around her so her head kept moving. But Dani got the job done :)
 And she's a little doll! I was hesitant to have her cut her curls off to even everything up, so I instead opted for her to trim them up a bit so I could still pull her hair into a pony tail when needed. 
There's my big girl! And in case you need a little laugh today, here is a video of her dancing. She loves to dance! I love to watch her - especially when she busts out something that looks like the chicken dance!

Hunter's 2nd Kiwi Crate Box

One of our Christmas gifts to the kids were monthly boxes. I heard from a former co-worker of mine that her boyfriend's son loved getting his Kiwi Crate every month. It's filled with different projects to do. Last month when I received theirs in the mail, I wrapped them and put them under the tree (only after I peeked inside first! Shhh!) There is a few different companies that do these sort of boxes, so I signed the kids up each with a different company to see which one I liked. JP gets a Citrus Lane box (HIGHLY recommend) and Charlotte has been getting a Bluum box. 
 In Hunter's first box, he received supplies to build a snowman out of boxes and some miscellaneous stuff to make a couple paper lanterns. He had fun with them, especially since his box came with a ball so he could knock his snowman down... This month's box was themed, "Let's Bake" and I was a little nervous how it would go over. Silly me! They sent along two small bags of "frosting," which was actually more like glue. As soon as he saw that, it was confirmed that it was a hit.
 And we immediately had to make the cake. There was foam pieces to glue together using the frosting and craft sticks to spread it around. I felt bad for JP because he couldn't help out since it was Hunter's project. JP received his box in the mail a few days ago and has been in love with his Plus-Plus blocks. (I ordered more for his upcoming birthday!)
 Hunter had so much fun frosting his cake. And there was frosting glue everywhere to show for it.
 His cake looked pretty decent until I told him I wanted to take a picture of him with it...then he started wrecking it. Hunter Hunter Hunter.....
Nanny was on her way home from Spokane and stopped in to surprise us all too!

I figure next Thursday (because it's early out day) we'll work on the other project in Hunter's box. I haven't decided which box I like best but when comparing Kiwi crate vs. Citrus Lane, I think I picked correctly for each kid. Hunter is a hands on kid whereas JP enjoys playing alone, so it works that Kiwi Crate is activity based whereas Citrus Lane is more product based. Bluum boxes are product based too. Charlotte has gotten a new book in each of her boxes, a Minnie Mouse (that she loves!) this month, and a weeble wobble owl (that she equally loves) and a few other miscellaneous things last month. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Monkey Shiner Babblings

I'm on the toilet and inconsiderate JP comes busting into the bathroom.
J - Mom, I want to dig for dinosaur bones when I grow up.
M - Oh, so you want to be an archaeologist?
J - *looks down and whispers* Don't you mean a paleontologist?
M - What? Yes, that's what I said...
J - No you didn't.
M - How about you get out so I can poop alone this time?

M - What'd you do in art this week with Ms. Horning?
H - It's Ms. Horny!
M - Pretty sure it's Horning.
H - No, it's Horny!
M - Ms. Lubke wrote, "Ask about art with Ms. Horning." I'm pretty sure she knows the art teacher's name.
H - It's Ms. Horny, Mom! I said, Ms. Horny can you help me? And she did. It's Ms. Horny.
M - How about you just call her teacher then...

The boys made a tent in the living room last week. I was going to scare JP who was already inside, when Hunter started shouting at me. "No mom no! You're too fat! You're going to wreck it!" Thanks bud.

We went to Aunt Kim's house to watch the Oregon ducks play the other week. Some cheerleaders came on tv and we told the boys they were called cheerleaders. Hunter goes, "OOOOO" and everyone bust up laughing, obviously, he's a 6 year old boy. Later a commercial with Hooter's girls came on and Perry says, "Hunter those aren't cheerleaders." To which he replied, "Yes they are! They get you excited!" True I guess...hahaha!

J - Hahaha! Look! Charli has dandelion hair!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Date Night, Soupy Sundays, Running, Charlotte...And a PARTY!

Let's be honest, I've been doing a lot of nothing lately. And my blog shows it because I'm not here often anymore. I go through the day thinking, I should probably blog about this, and then I don't. I feel like I'm asleep at the wheel in my own life right now. No excitement, not much to look forward to, and that's not how I want to live, but it is what it is...

I am happy to report though that Monday night date night is a thing again! Perry and I have been doing this for at year (thank you Bachelor). It's to the point that all we have to say is, "Guess what day it is?" If they don't respond with "Soupy Sunday" (because that's a thing too, a great thing mind you!) they will follow it up with a lame-sounding, "date night...." It's one thing that Perry and I look forward to every week, even if it is just sitting on the couch watching "The Bachelor" on the television, digging into our ice cream, or Frosty from Wendy's if we're lucky! I feel like every morning either Hunter or JP checks the garbage to see what we did the night before's kind of weird. "I see you guys had Frosties last night...", "I see you had popcorn last night...", "I see you were eating our candy last night..." Little spies...

But seriously, Soupy Sunday was probably one of my best ideas ever. Maybe it wasn't my idea, maybe it was one of my pinterest finds, but even still, it's one that I've implemented in our home. I think it started in the fall of '13, when I was already getting burnt out of cooking every stickin' night. After all, that was the year I became "just a" mom. Not that having soup changes me cooking all the time, but it's harder for Perry to mess up if he's in charge of it. If I'm speaking honestly... And it's so much easier to meal plan for! On pinterest I have boards labeled "Soupy Sunday," "Meatless Monday," and "Slow Cooker Wednesday." The other days I use, but aren't labeled as specific boards are, "Friday Favorites" and "Try-it Tuesdays". When I meal plan, all I have to do is pick at least one from each of the boards and I'm good to go for the week. We usually use the weekends to eat all the leftovers, if Perry didn't take them for lunch already. Meal planning made *so much* easier! Too bad it doesn't make shopping with kids easier...

In other news, yoga started up again the other week and I realized how tight my muscles are. Pathetic! I would really really really like to run a 5K this spring but I just can't get motivated to get into shape. I wish I had a gym partner to motivate me a bit... I have a treadmill in the basement but I feel like I would be more likely to use a gym because I'd have to pay for it, and leave the house. (What stay-at-home mom doesn't *want* to leave the house?!) I've been tossing around the idea of getting a membership at the YMCA, that way the kids can go to their childcare, and I don't have to worry about JP hopping on the back of the treadmill. (That almost happened...) But the only thing holding me back is the money aspect of it. Can I really justify spending and extra $70 a month when I could just work out at home? I've tried to run while pushing a stroller and having JP on his bike, but it just doesn't seem to work...STOP SLOWING DOWN IN FRONT OF ME! Someone is bound to get hurt and it's going to be Charlotte...

Charlotte has become a real talker lately. And it's adorable. She loves the owl coat my aunt gave to her when she was first born. I thought this girl loved her blankets, but she's kind of taking this coat obsession to the next level. She insisted on wearing it for two days, and two nights straight. Any time when we're getting ready to go somewhere and I say, "Let's go get your coat," she'll by-pass the one standing near, sprint to her room, point, and start whining, "owl." Sometime she'll add the word coat in there too. And just like JP, she loves Ninja Turtles. (Damn it. That reminds me, JP is bringing Ninja Turtle Rice Krispy treats for snack tomorrow and I haven't made them yet...) JP gets a little too defensive when she sees a turtle, starts exclaiming, "turtle! turtle!" running for one of his ninjas... She says no to everything now too. Even if she does want it. "Do you want a drink?" "No," said while nodding her head. Anytime she starts singing at the table, Hunter and JP will ask, "Charli, are you singing my song?" and without missing a beat, she'll say "no." They think it's hilarious! Over the last few weeks, I've been trying to get her to tell me her name. Our conversations go something like this:
M - Charli, what's your name?
C - Nay?
M - Say "B"
C - B!!!
M - Charli, what's your name?
C - Nay.
M - No, say B
C - B!!
And then add a few more time repetitions. JP has been working on this with her too and he really gets fired up when she responds with Nay. She can't say Charli yet, and as of lately, everyone just calls her "B". JP is still convinced it's her middle's not. But as of yesterday she *finally* got it! "Charli, what's your name?" "B!!!" as she starts clapping her hands! Yay!

Lastly before I wrap this post up (which is far longer than I had anticipated!), I'll share one more thing, mostly because it's out of the ordinary for us. Perry had people come over last Friday! I say people, because he's in the same boat as me - where's our friends?! Not that the people that came over aren't friends, but he's never seen them outside of work... Anyways he was invited to play poker with a former employee, but after the game fell through, he decided invite people over to our place instead. I don't know who was more surprised that people actually came over! It's sad that we're so used to getting baled on at the last minute. He was so cute to watch - he was nervous before they arrived, scrambling around to clean up the garage, picking-up stuff at the store, getting his beer pong table out...and then there was me. I had no idea who he invited to come over, but he invited me to come out to the garage to join them (he must have learned from his past mistakes!) and I can't tell you how nervous I was just to go out to my garage! When I did get up enough nerve to go out and say hello to everyone, no one was there yet... As timing would have it, I volunteered to fill in at the hotel again by picking up a couple breakfast shifts, and my first one was bright and early that next morning. I can't tell you how badly I really wanted to play a game or two of beer pong and just let loose. But I didn't. I refrained. Stayed out until 12am only to have to wake up at 3:30 to get ready for work. I would do it again in a heartbeat just to see how happy Perry was. I seriously don't know when the last time he really seemed happy. It's heartbreaking really...

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Snow Cave for the Kids

I don't think I can express how happy I am that school started up again last week. What was I thinking having three kids?! They wear me out! The time between Christmas and the start of school was hard on everyone this year. Perry and I both had colds, and to top it off, I worked a few night audit shifts at the hotel right as I was coming down with it. That was rough. I was exhausted! 
 But I wasn't the only one...We found Hunter sleeping on the stairs twice in the same week. The first night, the gate was closed so we were unable to open it to wake him up. A few nights later I found him here when I was going to get ready for bed. "I fell asleep on the stairs and I woke up in my bed!"
 Luckily over Christmas it snowed a bunch! Not quite like the year before, but enough for Perry to start building the boys a snow cave under their playset. It took them, no, it took Perry an entire day, plus some to gather snow from all over the yard. By the end of the day, the boys were able to go sledding down it. Charlotte went once and thought that was enough for her!
 Yesterday after church, Perry took the kids outside to actually start digging the cave out. Last Sunday night/Monday morning, we had freezing rain so there was a layer of ice on everything when I went to shovel Monday morning. That was rough! And then throughout the week everything thawed and froze multiple times, so the cave has snowy/ice walls. After a good hour of working on it yesterday though, Perry was able to dig a hole big enough for both of the boys to fit inside. 
 JP had far too much fun playing outside while Perry did all the hard work.
And then Hunter somehow lucked out and was able to eat his lunch inside the cave! And as I type, Hunter is out there beating it with a stick trying to get large snow chunks off of it to eat...
The last time Perry built a snow cave was 7 years ago, almost exactly! It was one of the first things Perry and I did together. We had intentions of sleeping in it, but we forgot to bring a tarp to lay down, so few hours in, the three of us were wet and cold. We packed up and hi-tailed it out of the woods in a matter of minutes. (We were paranoid about mountain lions!) 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sledding at Nanny's

One of the great things about Nanny's and Papa's house is the hill the back yard. In the wintertime mind you, not the summer - excuse my language, but it's a bitch to mow. When there is snow on it however, it transforms into a wonderful sledding hill. Bonus points because there aren't any fences to stop them.
Why must all kids eat snow?!
 On Christmas, Robin and I took the boys out sledding for a little bit since it snowed a bunch on Christmas Eve.
 They each took turns going down with her. In this case, JP gave them a "good" push....
 ...and they crashed soon after. The other day, Hunter and JP went down together and managed to hit that tree, which is the only obstruction on the hill, and it's off to the left away from the main sledding part...
 Casey came out later sporting Charlotte's snowpants and boots. (A couple days later, JP managed to forget his coat at home when we went to Nanny's, and since he and Hunter wanted to go to the park, JP wore Casey's size 2T coat there...all about sharing!)
 Casey and his mom had fun on the hill.
 I'm not sure if Casey had fun with his dad though...
 Once they recovered from their first wreck, they made it to the bottom...
 ...but Casey fell out on the way up. Face in the snow...I wouldn't be happy about that either!
 Like I said Kile had fun!
 Before going back in, they let Casey go down alone. Sort of. Chris ran next to him for most of the way. And then I chased after him to stop him at the bottom...too distracted with the camera...
One of these days I'll send Charlotte down...